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Increasing Energy Access Through Enterprise

To present information and tools that help small and growing energy service enterprises flourish.

Currently, an estimated 2.4 billion people lack access to modern cooking fuels and a conservatively estimated 1.6 billion live in unelectrified homes. Even though these people constitute the majority of the more than two billion people living on less than $2 a day, many, whether households, businesses or institutions, can afford cleaner energy services - services that underpin nearly every aspect of development. Affordability is not what limits use of modern energy, nor is it the lack of technologies. What traps people in 19th century energy is simply their lack of choice: the absence of distribution channels for products, services and finance.

This Wikispace is meant to serve two purposes: (1) as a "filing cabinet" of data and resources to be studied, collaboratively debated and continuously updated; and (2) as a toolkit -- presentations and spreadsheets, guidebooks and learning manuals, case studies of what works and what has failed, reference documents and videos. The audience is a diverse group of development practitioners, government officials and energy entrepreneurs.

This toolkit is informed by practical experiences, some of which have been successful, scaleable and self-sustaining, while others have been, at best, partially successful. It is organized by topic and type of resource as described on the following page: Toolkit Overview